The Bible in 200 Stories

Bible Basics is a free program for children’s church services and Sunday school that’s available digitally
True to the Bible
Attentive to the child
Free, and digitally available
Suitable for small as well as large groups
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Bible Basics Principles

Both the Bible and the child are taken seriously

We focus on the Bible and the world of the Bible
We focus on the children and their ability to think for themselves about stories from the Bible and their meaning
Our material is created to match the religious and educational goals of the Children’s Theology
In the programs there is room for all children and their individual way of thinking.
The programs are designed to match the language, level of intelligence and the perception of 4-8-year-olds and 8-12-year-olds.
We have taken into account that children have different (learning)preferences

Beginner's Guide

Before you start using Bible Basics, it is useful to know how the material is composed. Download the Beginner's Guide to get an introduction to the material.


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Sample program

Are you considering using Bible Basics in your church? Download this sample program and try out the material for free, without any obligations.